Point machine(1)

- Jun 20, 2018-

A. Main structure of switch


B. Point machine usage

  The point machine (external locking device for switches) is a device that directly locks the top rail to the basic rail. Its function is to change the indirect locking mode of the switch machine through the installation device. The strength of the rail between the switch rail and the basic rail is increased, and the vibration and impact on the switch equipment can be improved when the train passes through, and the life and reliability of the turning equipment are improved. At present, there are two kinds of swallowtail and hook type.

C. Basic structure:

The hook type point machine (external locking device) is composed of a locking rod, a lock hook, a locking frame, a connecting rail of a sharp rail, a locking shaft and a locking iron.


D. Working principle:

The hook type point machine (external locking device) transforms the previous horizontal locking force of "swallow tail" into the vertical locking force. The locking force is passed directly to the basic rail by locking the iron and locking frame. The locking iron and the locking frame do not bear the bending moment, so the locking force is greatly enhanced and is widely used in the speed raising turnout.

E. Switch in transition