Performance of turnout grinding equipment

- Jul 31, 2017-

(1) The grinding wheel can realize the deflection of +70~-45 degree and the transverse displacement of ±100mm.

(2) Grinding speed range of 5~10km/h, commonly used grinding speed of $number km/h.

(3) To achieve a maximum of 99 modes, each mode can be achieved for each grinding head angle, horizontal shift and power separately set.

(4) can burnish $number, $number, $number, $number, 42# of single open, rhombic turnout.

(5) Wheel speed 5500-6000r/min, small volume, low noise.

(6) The grinding wheel frame has a longitudinal angle of 1 degrees, and rotates with the direction of rotation to make the spark splash in the car to avoid fire.

(7) Can realize all the grinding wheels in the same one point in turn drop and lift, more accurate over obstacles.