operation cautions of switch grinding and deburring machine

- Jun 06, 2018-



                                                Rail switch grinding machine 

It’s mainly used to grind switch point rail, frog point rail, wing rail with  top surface and side face fatty edge as well as various kind of rail. 

Working principle:

 The gasoline engine passes through the V belt drive, causes the spindle (grinding wheel) to produce the rotary motion, and then realizes the vertical direction feed grinding by turning the hand wheel's silk bar and the silk mother. The feed grinding in the horizontal direction is mainly realized by the horizontal movement of the small frame on the large frame.


1. Operators must be trained and qualified after examination.

2. Read the instructions carefully when using, and operate according to the requirements.

3. Pre operation examination

  1.    1)comprehensive inspection of machinery

  2.    2)Check whether the lubrication system of gasoline engine is leaking or clogging.

        3) Whether the drive belt of the gasoline engine and the grinding wheel is loose

        4) Start the gasoline engine instantaneously to determine whether the wheel steering is correct.

        5) The gasoline and oil ratio of the two stroke gasoline engine is 25:1, and the four stroke gasoline engine is lubricated with gasoline engine oil and gasoline respectively.

Equipment maintenance

1. The grinding machine can only start grinding at the throttle position at full speed, and the grinding rail must be carried out slowly.

2. The operator can only keep the safe distance from the grinding wheel. Other personnel should avoid grinding direction so as not to burn.

3. In case of mechanical failure, it should be stopped immediately.


    Grinding the fat edge of rail switch