Mechanical saw rail operation

- Jul 28, 2018-

Mechanical saw rail operation


Operation method:

1. Pull the plate bar with one hand to make the rail cutting machine on top of the rail, and the other hand should hold the lever to prevent the wheel from hitting the rail.

(2) for the new installation of the grinding wheel, due to the different radius of rotation, there will be a jump phenomenon, at this time, the operating rod should not be lifted up to make the wheel and rail contact gradually. With the grinding round of the wheel, the beating phenomenon can disappear. When cutting, we should hold the operating lever, but do not put pressure down on its own weight. It does not stop and swings. The oscillating frequency is about 50-65 times per minute, the swing amplitude is 140-210mm, so that the wheel is moved back and forth within the width range of the rail head, and it can not stay in a certain place.

3. The amplitude of the swing of the rail can be smaller and the frequency can be quicker. After cutting the rail top and rail abdomen, the right hand lifts the joystick, the left hand holds the plate bar, the rail cutter pulls to its own position, cuts the rail bottom until the rail is cut off.

quality standard

The allowable error of the length of the truncated rails (reused rail) is more than 12.5m, the rail is 5mm, and the rail below 12.5m is + 3mm.

The deviation of the section allowable error of the cross section rail section is not more than 0.5mm, the left and right deviations of the rail bottom are not more than 1mm, and the upper and lower deviations are not more than 1mm; the middle sag is not more than 0.5mm; the rail ends must not have burrs and fat edges.


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