Management of construction machinery, tools and road materials for railway private line

- Sep 03, 2019-


The management of construction vehicles and tools must earnestly implement the safety rules of railway works and the provisions of the management rules of railway vehicles


1. Construction vehicles and construction tools must be frequently repaired and maintained. Stop signal protection should be set before maintenance.

2. Railway vehicles are fully equipped, and it is forbidden to use gasoline stove or electric stove on the car;Resident material warehouse management should determine the responsibility of fire prevention, anti - theft, anti - slip work.

3. When loading and unloading materials in and out of the workshop, railway vehicles must be under the command of a person who is no less than a foreman (when unloading the rail, there must be a person who is no less than a foreman), and the loading and unloading must be organized after the vehicle stops steadily. During unloading, personnel should be organized to clear the road in time.

4. The rail car and rail car must strengthen the monitoring inspection during operation to prevent material falling off.The running speed is in accordance with the regulations. It is strictly prohibited to exceed the speed limit.

5. The machines and tools used on the road must pass the product certification, and those without the certification shall not be used on the road.

6. It is forbidden to put all construction machines, tools and materials between the two lines and on the slope of ballast.

7. When using oxyacetylene equipment, operators must wear labor protection products as required, and other personnel should stay away from the front of nozzle to prevent burns.Acetylene cylinders should not be near heat sources or electrical equipment.The oxygen, acetylene and fuel gas cylinders shall be placed at a prescribed distance. The distance between the acetylene cylinder and the flame shall not be less than 10 meters, and the distance between the acetylene cylinder and the oxygen cylinder shall not be less than 5 meters.The distance between each other and the fire source during operation shall not be less than 10m.Collision is strictly prohibited during handling and mixed loading is not allowed during transportation.

8. Strengthen the management of gasoline and diesel oil, carry out rationed distribution, and take care of by special personnel to strictly prevent oil leakage and cause fire.