Maintenance of rail Grinding machine

- Jul 31, 2017-

1. Gasoline engine speed in the factory has been adjusted, speed limiting and spring position can not be changed, if the overhaul location, must be calibrated.

2. Gasoline engine speed-regulating room for flying base lubrication, every use of 50h to check the speed room of the oil level (the machine must be lying down, so that the cylinder is in an upright position 10~15min, until the full flow of lubricating oil back to the speed Chamber sump, and then spin out the oil ruler check.

3. Gasoline engine output end shaft end oil seal after a long period of use, because the seal is not strict can make the speed room lubricating oil leakage, so use 500h should be replaced.

4. Grinding machine vertical and transverse screws to add oil lubrication.