Joint Bolt Lubricating Operation

- Oct 16, 2018-

Joint Bolt Lubricating Operation

Operational Purpose:

The joint bolts are lubricated regularly to ensure that the splints and bolts are in good condition.


Quality Specification:

  1. The bolt should be unloaded one by one.

  2. Remove rust and dirt for each bolt, check whether the bolt is in good condition, and replace the severely worn bolt in time.

  3. Lubricated uniformly, no leakage, no flow.

  4. Fastening joint bolt torque is in accordance with the clause 3.5.9 of Railway Line Repair Regulations.



Safety Requirements:

  1. Never hammer bolts when unloading them.

  2. It is strictly prohibited to check bolts and bolt holes with bare hands during rust removal, so as to prevent injuries caused by tools.

  3. The operator should get off the road and avoid the train in time when lubricating, and also move tools out of the limit, do not coat grease on the rail surface .

  4. When fastening, the wrench with long handle can only be forced upward. It is strictly forbidden to press the wrench with long handle to prevent the wrench from slipping and wounding.