Introduce to you the little knowledge about railway components.

- May 08, 2019-

Introduce to you the little knowledge about railway components.

In fact, it is very important to know the small knowledge of railway components, because in order to better eliminate railway related faults in our continuous understanding, it is more likely to help us carry out railway turnout inspection.


Fish-tail plate, track splint and inclined joint splint of crane rail, although their names are different, do not mean that their application properties will change accordingly. Fish-tail plate is a necessary product of Heavy Rail Rail joints. Six sets of fish-tail bolts are required for each two fish-tail plates. Trail splints are usually used for rail connections on light rails, with four sets of fish-tail bolts for each two track splints. The key application of inclined joint splint of crane rail is to use four sets of bolts in the rail connection of crane rail, train and other lifting equipment. The area touched by the overall depressed situation of real estate is also increasing, and all businesses are looking forward to a rise in the latter half of the year. Track splint: Fish-tail bolt is the preferred fastening part of track splint. Fish-tail bolt is composed of fish-tail bolt, nut flat washer and spring washer. Four sets of fish-tail bolts are needed for each set of track splint. Fishtail plate: The fastening bolt equipment of fishtail plate is also fishtail bolt. The fishtail bolt consists of fishtail bolt, nut and bullet cushion. Six sets of tail bolts are used for each set of tail plates.


Through the introduction above, I believe that we all have a certain understanding, hope to help you, more knowledge of railway accessories, please continue to pay attention to our website!


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