How do railway workers deal with rail rust?

- Apr 25, 2019-

How do railway workers deal with rail rust?

We all know that the track has a close relationship with the high-speed railway. If the track is good, the high-speed railway can normally walk on the track, and we can safely go everywhere. What if the track rusts? What will the consequences be? 

Track is very afraid of rust. Under the condition of sunshine and rain + train ** excretion, the main cause of track rust is caused, and the damage of track rust is still great. Rust will erode the rail surface bit by bit (of course, there are wheel wear on the rail), press the rail surface unevenly, some places will start to fall, falling to a certain extent, the rail surface will become uneven, some edges will be crushed, so that when the wheels pass, the train will bump and also affect the received signal of the train leading to failure.

How can railway workers solve this problem? We all know that there are many tracks throughout the country. If the tracks are rusty, it is impossible to remove sand paper bit by bit, which is very labor-intensive. So the railway workers take a special equipment for rust removal. This equipment is easy to operate and can be carried out on the track again. This is for the railway. The workers have alleviated a lot of trouble. Here are the details of the equipment.


The rail grinding and rust removal machine is mainly suitable for the grinding of 43kg/m-75kg/m rail top surface. It has the advantages of high working efficiency, good grinding quality, easy operation and convenient access. It is a necessary tool for railway overhaul, maintenance and emergency repair.

Main technical performance and parameters


1. Internal combustion engine


Model: GXV160


Power: 4.0 kW


Turn: 3600r/min


2. Grinding Wheel: Wire Brush


3. Grinding Wheel Running Number: 3600r/min


4. Whole machine quality: 43kg

NXG-4 rail grinding and rust removal engine is powered by gasoline engine. A type triple belt (inner circumference 787mm) is used to produce rotary motion through the transmission system with wire brush. At the same time, the feed of grinding wheel is adjusted by hand wheel to achieve the purpose of grinding rail.


The machine is mainly composed of frame, core and running device. The frame is welded with seamless steel. The machine core is composed of transmission system, rotating device and wheel. The rotation angle and feed of grinding wheel are made of handwheel, running device and frame welded together, and the running wheel is insulated. Moreover, the wheel flange is high, and can be carried out on the ground after the downstream. It is an ideal tool for rail surface grinding.


This equipment is used by railway workers to deal with the rust on the track.

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