High speed comprehensive testing vehicle (1)

- Jun 28, 2018-

High speed comprehensive testing vehicle (1)

What is a high speed comprehensive inspection vehicle ?

The high speed comprehensive inspection vehicle is a "physical examination train" for the safety protection of the high speed railway. It is an important technical equipment for the comprehensive inspection of the railway infrastructure. It provides the technical support for the safety assessment of the high speed railway and the maintenance and maintenance of the various railway bureaus.

Like "doctor" as to the new high speed railway or the high-speed railway has been checked regularly whether there is a "disease", the Yellow painting for "doctor Huang", white painting "white doctor".

Inspection content:

Many projects, such as track, subgrade, bridge, tunnel, electric traction power supply, communication system, signal system, passenger service system, natural disaster and foreign object intrusion detection system, integrated grounding, electromagnetic compatibility, vibration noise, sound barrier and so on.


The difference between "doctor Huang" and "doctor white ":

"Dr. Huang" is from "design" to "birth" itself is a comprehensive testing car, the model has CRH2J-0205/ CRH5J-0501\ CRHAJ-0201/0202/0203/ CRHBJ-0301/ CRH380BJ-A-0504

" Doctor White" is a comprehensive inspection vehicle "halfway through". Its "body" was originally used as a vehicle base for passenger operations (except CRH380AM), and a comprehensive testing vehicle for "emergency" or some reason to be rebuilt by testing equipment. The model has a CRH2A-2010/ CRH2C-2061/2068/ CRH380A test car / CRH380AM-0204


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