Heavy haul railway

- Oct 27, 2018-

Heavy haul railway


1. international heavy haul standards:

The traction quality of each train shall not be less than 8000 tons, the axle load of the vehicle shall not be less than 27 tons, the length of the railway line shall not be less than 150 km, and the annual freight volume shall be less than 40 million tons.

Limited Grade 

The so-called restricted gradient is a railway section, determine a locomotive can tract the maximum weight of freight train gradient. (the limit gradient of the Daqin Railway is 12/1000.)

track structure

The weight of the rail of heavy haul railway is not less than 75 kg per meter.


The jointless track is adopted to reduce the damage of rail head and ensure the smoothness and stability of railway lines.

Two ways to expand vehicle tonnage


First, the axle load will be increased, the original conventional 21 tons axle load increased to 25 tons, corresponding to the total weight of each vehicle from 84 tons to 100 tons.


Another measure is to increase the number of axles without changing the axle load, that is, to change the original 4-axle car to 6-axle car or 8-axle car, the total weight of each car will be increased from 84 tons to 126 tons or 168 tons.


Part of the traction weight of heavy haul trains is the weight of the vehicle and the weight of the load. The lower the self weight coefficient of a vehicle is, the greater the load will be and the more efficient the transportation will be. Therefore, heavy vehicles should minimize the self weight of vehicles by ensuring the necessary strength and life conditions.