Grinding operation on switch and crossing(二)

- Jul 18, 2018-

Grinding operation on switch and crossing(

二、Grinding turn-out track

1. Grinding working edge of point rail

   Eliminate the uneven wear of toe track operation face .

The switch rail is operated to the opening position, and the switch grinding machine is selected.


Adjust the height of the grinding wheel to make it higher than the milling table, parallel to the plane of the pointed rail.



Walk evenly and smoothly when grinding


(2) non working edge grinding

The height of the grinding wheel is adjusted to higher than that of the milling table. The angle of the grinding wheel is parallel to the plane of the sharp rail, and the grinding wheel is divided into several times until the edge of the rake is eliminated.


(3)  Stock rail working edge grinding

For the purpose of eliminating the basic rail work on the side of the manure

Adjust the grinding wheel height, the bottom of the grinding wheel is below the grinding point 20~30mm, adjust the angle of the grinding wheel, from -2~18 degrees, every two degrees of angle conversion, sub grinding, until the elimination of the basic rail cutting surface of the fertilizer edge.


NCM-4II rail switch rail grinding machine 

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