Freezing damage regulation operation

- Nov 02, 2018-

Freezing damage regulation operation

According to the state of ballast bed and the type of fastener system, the methods of lifting (landing) track, raising (withdrawing) cushion plate and replacing rubber cushion plate can be used for frost damage treatment. For freezing damaged areas, advance pad can be adopted before winter. During the freeze injury period, we should adhere to the operation principle of following up with the mat and following the withdrawal. 

On the main line, if the pad is inserted or removed, the slope rate at both ends should not be greater than 1/ (10Vmax).

The operation of freezing damage pad should be smooth, and there should be no change point in frog and switch points.

The frozen-up height does not exceed 17 mm. It can be renovated by replacing different thickness of elevation cushion plate and rubber cushion plate. The height plate should not exceed 2 pieces. The thicker pad should be placed on the lower floor. The total thickness should not exceed 10mm. The thickness of rubber pad shall not be less than 3mm. After freezing injury, it should be restored to design standard in time.

If the frost height is above 7mm and the length is shorter, the freezing method can be used to cure freeze injury. Measurements should be made before landing. When landing, the raised cushion can not be removed and the rubber cushion should be guaranteed to be of standard thickness. After tamping, the track surface can be restored to its original elevation. When the freezing injury falls down, it can be adjusted by replacing the adjusting plate with the lifting way.

In the Frost-Damaged area with frost-up height over 17 mm, the landing track (two sleepers or more in succession) should be treated, and the track strengthening equipment should be set up according to the need. The speed limit of the first train is not higher than 160km/h. After checking and repairing, the speed limit of the adjacent line is 160km/h.

Maintenance methods and operation requirements for frozen damaged areas shall be specified by the Railway Administration when the fastener system with no elevation adjustment function or the frozen-up height exceeds 17 mm.

We should take measures such as improving drainage, artificial salinization roadbed, culvert insulation, culvert top crossing pipe, roadbed glue injection, culvert roof bottom laying insulation board, etc. to remedy the freezing damage in a planned way.

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