Fault treatment of turnout

- Jul 28, 2018-

Fault treatment of turnout


After the failure of the turnout, we should first analyze the failure of the turnout and find out where the fault occurs. Secondly, we should first measure the power supply and not send out the power supply at the outdoor dividing line. If the power of the dividing line is to the voltage, the power supply is sent out otherwise, it is the fault of the indoor turnout.


Failure condition


First, ask the station attendant failure phenomenon, then operate the turnout test on the console.


Registration switch discontinuation equipment.


Reason for judgment


1. If it is a single acting turnout, the ammeter on the console has instructions when operating, indicating that the power of the switch has been sent to the turnout. If the turnout can not be placed at the required location, it is the outdoor reason. In the operation of a turnout, if the ampere meter of the console does not indicate, first to the outdoor division plate of the mechanical room to measure the switch has no voltage. If the voltage indicates that the electric switch of the action switch is sent out, it is an outdoor fault.


If it is a double moving turnout, the current meter of the console moves and does not move when it moves. It shows that the electric switch of the action switch has been sent to a switch, and the fault is out of an outdoor fault after a switch.


3. If the switch is fixed or reversed, it will not operate. Using the multimeter to exchange 250V gear, there is no AC 110V voltage between X1 (or X2) and X3 in the disks. If there is a voltage, it is an outdoor fault, otherwise it is an indoor fault.

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