Defective branch of track circuit

- Jun 23, 2018-

 Defective branch of track circuit

What is defective branch of track circuit ?

The track circuit is a conductor with two rail lines on a railway line, which is electrically insulated or segmented at both ends, and is connected to a circuit consisting of power supply and electrical equipment. The train reflects the railway track occupied by the train by cutting off the electrical circuit on the two sides of the rail through the wheel pair. If the rail surface or wheel tread is rusty, the train wheelset can not be reliably short circuited, that is, to cut the electrical circuit of the railway section, which is called the bad shunt of the track circuit.




Specific impact:

Poor track circuit shunting is specifically reflected on the control console of the passenger compartment. When the car is occupied, the light band is not red, and the track relay does not fall, so the duty officer is unable to confirm. All these will cause a hidden danger of transportation safety and seriously threaten the safety of railway operation.


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