Daily overhaul of electric tamping machine

- Jul 31, 2017-

1. The newly-activated electric tamping machine, which is permanently inactive or potentially damp, should measure the insulation resistance before use.

2. Before each use should be part of the inspection, fastening the screws.

3. Carefully check whether the cable is damaged and the grounding of the chassis is reliable before working.

4. Every time use 100 hours should check bearing lubrication grease situation, should add oil, if necessary, every 1000 hours should be replaced by a times, and regularly check bearing wear.

5. The operation should check the bearing, the winding temperature is too high, when the ambient temperature 35°c, rolling bearing allowable temperature rise 60°c (thermometer method); When the ambient temperature 40°c, the permissible temperature of the winding is 75°c (resistance method)

6. Long-term use of electric tamping machine, should be stored in a dry warehouse, not with corrosive gases or chemicals contact.