Concrete sleeper diversion operation

- Oct 19, 2018-

Concrete sleeper diversion operation

Operation purpose

Adjust gauge overrun area to ensure good condition.

Equipment material

Headlights and lighting equipment, rulers, strings (20 meters), 150 mm steel rulers, T-wrenches, motor wrenches, diverters, crowbar (with insulating sleeves), hydraulic rail lifting device, looper wrenches (300-450), wire wrenches, rail thermometers, nylon base, diversion gaskets, oil, brushes and spare parts.

Determining standard stocks:

A.A straight line with a good direction as the standard track and correcting the opposite  track.

B. Outter track of the curve is the standard track, correcting the inner track.

C. At the same time to correct the small direction, first correct the standard track, then measure the gauge and rate of change, and then correct the opposite track.

Removal of fasteners and repair screw:  first remove fasteners, such as screw deviation, screw damage, to carry out repair, can be inserted into the long sleeve screw slowly and vigorously correct, and then wrench gloves with a sleeve screw.

Correct the gauge and direction: Use the diverter to adjust the gauge, and adjust the gauge bar at the same time in the section with gauge bar.

Adjust the parts and fasteners: fix the rail position by adjusting the buckle plate and nylon base, then install fasteners in order to make the parts of each other.

Tightening fastener: If the gauge is changed from large to small, the outer sleeper bolt can be tightened first; otherwise, the inner sleeper bolt can be tightened first.

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