Cold knowledge of railways

- Sep 27, 2019-

Cold knowledge of railways

First: Why do trains keep to the left?

In fact, it is because of the rotation of the earth. We all know that in the northern hemisphere, the rotation deflection force is to the right, while in contrast, the train running on it is to the left due to inertia.The analogy is that if you stand on a board and someone Yanks the board to one side, you will go in the opposite direction.And inertia and the weight of the object is related, so the train is so heavy, you have to consider this factor, so keep to the left, two trains in the intersection, are outwards, the probability of danger is small!

Second:Why are there no safety belts on high-speed trains?

The usual function of a seat belt is to deal with a sudden brake, but as you know, the speed of the high-speed train is now around 300 kilometers per hour.At this speed, if there is an emergency stop, the seat belt is not protecting the person, but harming him.Moreover, high-speed trains run smoothly, and many people walk on them from time to time. Few are willing to wear seat belts.

Third:Don't touch the track of the train

First of all, if you touch the track of the train, you are already on the track. This is a very dangerous behavior, because you may not have time to dodge when the train is coming.Secondly, as everyone knows, the excrement of train passengers after going to the toilet is basically on the railway, so you know why you can't touch it, because it is dirty!Don't touch the track of a train!