CDW - 32 ⅡK rail tamper successfully completed inter-city rail stable operation

- Sep 25, 2019-

CDW - 32 ⅡK rail tamper  successfully completed inter-city rail stable operation for the first time


Before departure, the driver shall conduct train brake test according to regulations, check around the train, check GYK parameters, confirm three items of equipment, and conduct dynamic brake test under 3KM/H.


 Intercity railway switches are ballastless, high quality, high standards, high requirements.18 switch is stable in a stable industry is the first time, notes that are more stable process, (1) stable operation direction of the switch to straight or lateral, (2) lines and rail vibration frequency and operation speed, (3) clamp opening and closing time, must pay attention to the support rail (4) can be tempted rail region back open and stop call forth the timing of the vibration (5) 4 # 5 # and # 1 # work together.6 in case of button failure or operation lag should use the emergency stop key.


TCDW - 32 ⅡK rail tamper  is that it can be used for continuous double-pillow track tamping.Monolithic up dialing device which can realize wiring way, way, auxiliary way device can realize the switch area on the third rail way, stabilizer for line balancing the stable operation of switch, pillow device for sleeper lateral side to consolidate the frantic jumble shoulder consolidate operations, rail cleaning device can clean up after tamping sleeper, steel, fasteners, rail side stone frantic jumble of legacy.

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