Ballast Trimming

- Jun 11, 2018-

Ballast Trimming

Concept analysis:

Ballast bed is laid on the roadbed, bridge, or tunnel, it's the gravel, pebble layer or concrete layer under the rail, sleeper or supporting block, which is the foundation of the rail or rail frame.


    Ballast is a small granite with a diameter of 20~70mm. Due to the gap and friction between the ballast, the track has a elasticity. This elastic can absorb the impact, vibration and noise of the locomotive and make the train run smoothly. In addition, the high heat caused train through the rail will be absorbed by the rock fragmentation.


Technical requirement:

1.The width of the top surface of the ballast bed and the grade of side slope should be in line with the relevant requirements.

2. The ballast bed should be full, uniform and solid, dome and toe has no weeds.

3. Jointless track bed ballast shoulder pile is high 150mm.

4. Ballast bed is lower 20 to 30mm than the top of the sleeper. The ballast bed of the III concrete sleeper is not emptied, but it needs to remain loose. 1:1.75 of the ballast bed slope.


Working demand:

1. when the backfill the ballast, the ballast scattered on the shoulders and side grooves should be collected in time.

2. Ballast trimming requests the ballast bed dome and toe to be smooth.

3. When using manual tamping tools, we need to tamp down the half tamping, and flatten the sleeper box, the ballast shoulder and the ballast of the side slope.

4. When using rammer, the distance between rammer and rails should be adjusted well, ready for easy wearing parts and tightening of screws. It is necessary to start the test and adjust the direction of rotation. In running ramming, we should pay attention to observing the rammer situation and operation performance. It shall be handle tamped if the lower part of the slope clap and the pillow box track bed is missed.


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