All the common knowledge of railway is here

- Nov 16, 2018-

All the common knowledge of railway is here

  1. What is the difference between the design of high speed electric train (harmony) and the ordinary train?

The car head should be streamlined and reduce air resistance. The lower part of the car body is also smooth and circular, so that the resistance can be accelerated.

2. How many drivers are there in the driver's cab?

There are two drivers. The driver is responsible for driving. The assistant driver assists in confirming the signal. Now, there is a signal display and alarm system in the train. There is only one driver. Another driver can rest at the back of the car and two people take turns.

3. where did the water come from?

The water on the train is the softened water added to the station and locomotive depot.

4. outside the sightseeing train, it looks like wood. Is there iron in it?

Carbodies are all made of steel. They are made of aluminum alloy, stainless steel and wood.

5. what is a motor car?

A vehicle that can be driven by a power unit.

6. what is the power supply of high-speed rail?

High speed rail is driven by electricity, and there are power lines on the top of the railway.

7. why do we need to lay a lot of stones on the tracks?

In order to reduce the pressure, two rails and sleepers are now called track rows, followed by stones, trapezoidal, small on top and big on the bottom, which transmit the pressure to the earth.

8. why does the train wheel leave the rail and why it can not walk on the flat ground?

Heavy vehicle and high pressure. The lower sleeper row reduces the pressure.

9. the difference between high-speed rail and motor cars?

High speed rail is a high-speed railway, which is a large system, including lines, EMUs and signals.

10. why does a train call a train to catch fire?

The name of the train came from the steam locomotive. It is a common saying. People do not say so now. They should be diesel locomotives, electric locomotives and EMUs.

11. is the train running on the left?

This is the agreement. Our country is heading for Beijing and calls it "ascending". The trains are all double numbers. The trains from Beijing are called "descending". The trains are single numbers.

The signal is on the left side of the line, which is convenient for the driver to observe.

12. what material is the windowpane on the high speed rail? Why can't it be broken?

Strength requirement for toughened glass. Pressure to be withstood is stipulated in design. It can only be loaded and used through test verification.

13. what is the difference between electric locomotives and diesel locomotives?

Electric locomotives are driven by motors; diesel locomotives are driven by motors and gearboxes.

14. does the high speed railway use turnout switches?

High speed turnout technology is very high, it is electronic information control and electrical manipulation with the signal. Now most of them are German. When can the Chinese design and make their own, it is the time for the Chinese dream to come true.

15. is the earliest railway the same as it is now?

Like two rails, everything else has changed. Actually, the rails have changed too. Now the rails are very long and seamless. The rails of the grandfathers'trains are connected one by one.

16. why do ordinary locomotives not be sharp enough to reduce resistance and save fuel?

When the train speed is below 140 km/h, the air resistance has little to do with the speed. When the air resistance is higher than 140 km/h, the air resistance increases rapidly. The main thing that the high-speed train needs to overcome is the air resistance, so it needs to be streamlined.

17. how many carriages can a locomotive take at most?

The train can be 100000 tons, 5000 tons, 50, 60, 70, 80 tons per vehicle.

18. why does the train have no steering wheel?

- directional control handle, forward and backward! But that is a relative definition, which is relative to the progress and retreat of the driver when he sits there.

19. why should the train go on the track?

The two wheels of a train form a wheelset with a weight of 23 tons. The pressure can be reduced by reaching the ground through rails and rails. Train wheels are conical. When turning on rails, the diameter of outer wheels is large and the diameter of inner wheels is small. Only when turning on rails, can the train wheels turn around and must walk on rails.

20. how to deal with the scrapped trains?

Waste iron and steel.

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